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Brainpower On Demand.

Building a business can be overwhelming and confusing. But there’s no need to do it alone.


We love strategy and problem solving. With our coaching package you’ll get access to both Mike & Joe as your badass brainy business buds.


We fancy ourselves dynamic digital marketers able to help with a wide range of business building challenges and opportunities.


If you’re looking for coaches who actually care, you found ’em.

MAJiK Coaching




The Monthly Coaching Package is a great fit for infopreneurs, coaches, and consultants who want some extra guidance and accountability to consistently grow their business.




The Biweekly Coaching Package is perfect for infopreneurs, coaches, and consultants that are ready to move quickly and make big steps forward in their business.




The Weekly Coaching Package is perfect for infopreneurs, coaches, and consultants who want to play in the big leagues, learn and grow as quickly as possible, and are ready to supercharge their business.

Included in All Coaching Packages

Initial Marketing Audit

To make sure we have a deep understanding of your business, we’ll conduct an initial audit of your marketing to identify opportunities and potential challenges. This allows us to hit the ground running and see how all the pieces of your business fit together.

Video or Phone Coaching Calls

Action and accountability are key for continually moving forward and making progress. While we love being your benevolent cheerleaders, we also want to see you reaching your business goals. Through our coaching meetings, we’ll help you address challenges and solve marketing obstacles that arise.

Personal Action Plan

Talking the talk isn’t enough. We help you walk the walk with a personalized action plan at the end of each call so you know exactly what to work on next. No more guesswork about what’s important or what is a distraction. We take an objective view of your business and outline the most critical next steps for you to focus your effort on.

Access to Private Slack Channel

Sometimes things will come up in between our calls. For a quicker response for questions that pop up, you’ll also have access to us through a private Slack channel to get your questions answered.

*Please note that we only work with a select few coaching clients at a time. Apply to see if you’re a good fit and if we have current availability.


Let’s clear up any confusion…


While we may be able to advise on some technical questions, this is often not the best use of our time together. What often works better is if we help you identify problems, paths to the solution, and then how to solve the obstacle. This may be in advising who to hire (what skills are needed) and/or what resources may help you resolve the problem on your own. However, we are quite able to help guide you on what tools and software may best fit your needs. We’re marketing tech nerds and have used hundreds of different tools over the years, so we’re happy to guide you toward what you need.


Of course! If you have certain team members who have insight or questions that you’d like to include on the call, they’re more than welcome to join us. Please note that certain conversations may require that we ask difficult questions or for detailed information that you may not want all of your team members to hear, so consider this before bringing them on the call.


At the conclusion of each call, we will give you a set of actions to work on before our next meeting. These can be delivered via email or in the private Slack channel. If resources are requested, we will provide any additional materials within your action plan to ensure you have everything you need to achieve the goals outlined.


Before our first coaching call, we’ll request access to your primary marketing tools. This often includes email marketing platform, landing page software, opt-in software, and any other tools you use as part of your marketing stack. Additionally, we will provide an audit checklist for you to complete to give us an overview of how your current marketing strategy and technical setup fit together. With this, we’re able to get an idea on how your system is currently working, where leads are falling through the cracks, and where low-hanging fruit may be ripe for the picking!


Nope! While we hope to have a long and prosperous coaching relationship, we understand that sometimes you need some targeted and temporary support. Because of this, we don’t require any contracts with our monthly coaching package. We just ask that you cancel 30 days in advance so that we’re able to wrap up our coaching relationship and fill your slot in our coaching roster.

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